You’ll Notice That

BONER DIDN’T SAY, “Why anybody would vote against this bill is beyond me.” That’s because, as you and he both know very well, it’s not beyond him. He knows, as I say, very Goddamned well why any rational person not in the grips of the Washington DC lust for power would vote against it. (Ask you doctor if you live in or have recently traveled to any locations where there is an overweening lust for power.) It’s a bad bill. In fact, I would venture to guess that there hasn’t been a good bill out of that fever swamp on the Potomac in over a hundred years.

Was there ever?

It is not an irrebuttable presumption.

They keep telling us we don’t understand the reality on the ground. THEY fail to comprehend the reality in flyover country. A promise was made in the seminal moments of the TEA Party, “If you ram socialized medicine down our throats, we’ll shove it up your ass.” Well, John. Bend over and grease up. Same principle applies across the board. I know. I know.You don’t have principles. That’s OK. We’ll bring our own.

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