You Think We Won’t Be

VOTIN’ OUR WAY OUT of this mess? Well, you’re right. We won’t. We’ll be taxpayin’ and organizin’ and marchin’ and protestin’ and letter-writin’ and — if necessary — tar-and-featherin’ and rail-ridin’ and torch-and-pitchfork-shakin’ and effigy-burnin’ and tea-in-the-harbor-dumpin’.

But before all that, we gotta be votin’.

And if you’re one of those who sits on his fat ass Tuesday and doesn’t vote, well… I may not want to know you. And I sure as hell don’t want to hear your sorry ass bitchin’ about all the tax payin’ and regulation-obeyin’ and the freedom-losin’ thanks to your lazy-assin’.

Yes, freedom includes the right to be left the hell alone. Trouble is, the world is run by the people who show up. If you don’t, guess who will.

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