You See, The Problem

WITH ENGAGING leftists on their terms is you’ve already lost. Instead, change the dialectic. Example: while this suit is correct on several points, (the fact that the ruling is ultra vires being right up there), it misses the main point — that the ruling is moot since, 1) global warming has not (and cannot) been proven to have occurred, 2) claims as to its negative effects are even farther from provability, 3) assertions as to cause are utterly bogus.

A ruling to affect a phenomenon which is not happening, will not — cannot — have the claimed effect (and which the ruling’s mandated behavior on the part of humanity cannot correct) is moot. The utter folly of attempting to regulate a harmless gas, necessary to life, which mankind’s existence and behavior contributes a minuscule fraction of the total in the atmosphere should be obvious. But the whole CAGW farce… There’s just no way.

And once that’s disposed of, then the rest is just so much persiflage. Which, by the Left anyway, is not a bug, but a feature.

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