You Really Should Know Better

I’M TOTALLY AMAZED (or not) by the incredible flood of spam. Not kidding. I got 5,000 spam messages over the weekend at my patch factory address. Over a thousand a day here lately. Well over. At a time when I might get a dozen legitimate messages — if that many.

Can’t help wondering if anybody buys anything from these bottom-feeders, or if the only one making money is the guy selling those lists of “millions of email addresses”.

And Tuesday, we’re greeted with the spectre of the FCC (Whose constitutional authority is, again…?) making a power grab for the Internet called (typical false flag) Net Neutrality.

Well, it’s true, if you accept that the government is neutral.

Yeah. Right.

Pssst! Little girl. Wanna buy a bridge?

::ROTFL::: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Stop! I can’t stop laughing!

And nobody should be surprised. Government invariably gets it — whatever “it” may be — 180° wrong. Like not even trying to stop frauds and cheats…

(tee-hee) Professional courtesy! (hee-hee-hee)

…right, and chasing off like a bunch of hounds rabbitting off on the wrong scent after a solution in need of a problem. What could be more typical?

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