NOW … and I do mean YOU!

Do NOT try to gull me with, “Oh, no, no! It can’t happen HERE.” It is happening here. This is not a matter of opinion. You ignore this not only at your own peril, but of that of your countrymen. If you fail to heed this warning, YOU — personally — will be responsible for the destruction of the pinnacle of civilization.

(Hat tip: Breda.)

Cross posted at Eternity Road.

Update: Just belatedly learned the meaning of the phrase: “lan astaslem”. It is a direct rejoinder to the Arabic invitation Aslim Taslam — “Accept Islam and be saved.” Lan astaslem means, “I will never submit.” In Arabic script, this is لن استسلم . I hope that will not screw up too many browsers with its backwardness. (Reads right-to-left.) Can I get a “amen!”

Howabout a T-shirt?

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