You Know What Bugs Me

ABOUT THE spoiler-averse? You know, the people who WILL NOT allow you to discuss a book or comic or television show, play or movie in their presence if they haven’t seen or read it yet? Because that would “ruin it” for them?

You know what it is? That bugs me?

It’s that they expect the WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD to be re-arranged to suit THEM.

I mean, SHEESH! You mention that Rosebud was a sled, and you’d think you shot their dog, or something! Gib mir ein frecking break!

Well, I say, “Screw that!” If they can’t be bothered to take in a work of entertainment when the rest of the world does, then they can bloody-well live with having people around them TALKING about it!

Rosebud was a sled, they shoot Old Yeller, Dorothy goes home to Kansas, Ridley kills the alien, Xena dies in the end, Willow’s a lesbian, and Andy gets his toys back. Get over your freakin’ self!

There! I said it. That’s been bugging me for YEARS!

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