You Know, We’ve Got To

STOP WITH LETTING the eco-fascists get away with their — ::spit:: — Third Way BS.

Gore Lied. What a delicious name for a blog!


But serially: I didn’t know this really until recently, but… I always assumed that, when the national socialists referred to their thousand-year experiment in collectivism as the Third Reich, the translation of the German noun Reich came into English as Empire.

Not quite. It’s a bit subtler than that.

The correct translation, I’ve come to learn, is probably closer to Regime. In the sense of Protocol or Method. Or… Way.

So, the next time one of these watermelon leftists refers to their program as the Third Way, back them up and ask them (butter wouldn’t melt), “Don’t you really mean Third Reich?”

And raise your plastic sheeting really quick — to catch the sputter, ’cause there will be lots.

Plastic sheeting?

Sure! Aincha ever seen a Gallagher show?

Of course. Didncha catch the watermelon allusion?

Ooo! Ainchoo clev-vurr!

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