You Know The More I Read

ABOUT “DEEM AND PASS”, the harder it is for me to fathom the stated motivations. Lemme get this straight:

Democrat reps from conservative-leaning districts are worried that, if they vote outright for passage of the Senate version of the bill, they’ll face an angry mob at the polls come November. That is to say that the voters are deemed to be aware enough to understand the implications of the vote, and that they would be rightfully angered by them.

And yet…

The Dem leadership cooks up this scheme whereby the skittish Members’ fingerprints won’t be on the final law, thus (they think) insulating said skits against the voters’ anger.

…but SOMEbody will have had to vote in support.

And ObamaCare being a fait accompli, the public is capable of enough magical thinking to believe that — ::poof!:: — the law just appeared, born out of Zeus’s forehead, like gray-eyed Athena?

I am left to believe that either the Dem leadership thinks the public is too stupid to see the same agency operating at one remove that would so anger it if in direct control, or that the Dem leadership is so stupid themselves that they would buy this ruse, and simply expect the voters would do the same.

Anybody have thoughts one way or the other?

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