You Know, It Might Just

BE MOI — la Muñequita, as moi is known in these parts…

That’s two different languages, there, Dolly.

Yeah, so? I’m bi-tongual. So what?

Fair enough.

That, too. Alabaster skin, tendency to burn, red hair, sandy eyebrows, lashes, and c…

Ah-ah! Family blog!

What!? The collar matches the cuffs. What’s wrong with that?

Oh. Nemmind. What were you saying?

Ya made me fergit. Oh! Yeah. Right.

Might just be me, but I think if you’re not willing to put your brain farts to the test — debate, trial, what-have-you, the public at large has the right — the duty, evennnn — to ignore your ass.

Al Gore, climate change debate on the white courtesy telephone. Al Gore. Please pick up the white phone.

No answer?

Nope. That’s it fer ‘im, then. Climate change catastrophe loses by default. See ya! Woon’t want ta be ya!

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