You Know, In All

THE PERSIFLAGE about the supposed high cost of health care, (and this article at Maggie’s Farm is a good precis of the topic), I rarely see that the principle reason health care costs are so high is that over half of the money spent on — scorn quotes — “health care” in America these days is actually not spent on medical care, but on insurance. (I heard a 60% figure bandied about, but with no anchor to the statistic, I quote it with all due disclaimers tagged on.)

I’m pretty sure that the money spent annually on my behalf on insurance far outweighs my regular expenditures. Yes, there is a need for coverage against catastrophe. But I maintain I don’t need first-dollar coverage, and would be far better served with an HSA. But the tax code is so badly jiggered around that my employer is better off paying inflated rates for my “health insurance” than in increasing my salary by the equivalent amount and letting me make my own arrangements.

And I’d bet you are in a similar situation.

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