You Know, I Don’t

REALLY CARE WHAT a reporter’s politics are. I’ve said repeatedly that I’ll read any honest broker of information. I thought there were times during the runup to the Iraq war that the Guardian UK was one of the cleanest sources out there — certainly better than The New York TImes, which pales by comparison in its partisanship to the UK paper.

No. The sin isn’t being liberal. It isn’t really even liberal bias. It’s lying. I understand that the news is not your product and I am not your customer. Your customer is your advertiser and I am your product. The news is merely the bait to get me to participate — to be a willing part of your product, thus inducing your advertisers to become or stay your customers. So, when the bait that you offer is old, moldy, stinky, spoiled-rotten crap, festering with lies, why should I willingly slurp it up?

And, thus, we have the demise of so-called “mainstream” journalism. (The scorn quotes are because I contend that the real mainstream of American life and politics is farther to the Right than any left-whinge journo would dare admit even in his deepest darkest quiet place.)

Whereas, I’d bet, if more journos were as honest about their bias as this guy, your daily paper might not be circling the drain — or at least, not quite so fast.

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