You Know Considering

HOW APPARENTLY and abysmally ignorant national legislators as a group are of the law, I’m forced to speculate as to whether these assertions of ethical innocence might be honest. Maxine Waters, being as both willfully ignorant and pig-stupid (and that’s an insult to pigs, as most of you know) as she is, really might not know that what she did is a violation of ethics rules.

Yebbut. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Mebbe so, Baby Doll, but Waters has been getting away with total and utter disregard for the law — i.e., the Constitution — for her entire career in Congress. By now, it must be a pretty comfortable state for her.

Not sayin’ she should get away with it, just pointing out that, on top of all her other mental non-accomplishments — or even negative accomplishments, if you can feature that — this is really not much different.

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