You Guys Say

THIS LIKE IT was a big surprise to you.

When I first formulated the “stupid/venal” dichotomy, I had never heard it before. People around me at the time told me it was old hat. Could have been. Mox nix. It holds.

There really are only two options. Either leftists are incapable of apprehending the inevitable results of their stupid policy prescriptions, are incapable of learning the lessons of five thousand years of history and many, many more of human lore, cannot possibly heed nearly universal warnings against their headlong rush off the cliff of stupidity, and are therefore insufferably evil. (In-sufferable in the Biblical sense — “Suffer not an idiot to rule.”)

They’re either stupid, or they’re venal. Doesn’t seem to be much middle ground.

A lot of people who are resolutely ecumenical will tell you not to blame malice when stupidity will suffice for an explanation to someone’s behavior. Me, I’m not so sanguine. I think those people really are evil. I’ve known them all my life. They’ve never looked like good people to me. They want to claim they’re smarter than everybody, more aware, fact-based. Fine. Make them own it. By their fruits shall ye know them. Their fruit is evil — it is calculated to bring about death, disease, poverty, war, injustice, and a turning away from God. They’re evil.

Kyew. Ee. Fuckin’-Dee.

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