CALLER ON RUSH asks, “What’s wrong with making an SUV that gets better gas mileage?”

Answer: absolutely nothing.


That begs the question. The goal of the party of government is not purely better gas mileage. The goal of the party of government is the ELIMINATION of the use of petroleum — totally — at ANY cost.

The reason that hybrids and flex fuel vehicles and the rest of that lot do not sell well is that, failures on civics tests notwithstanding, most Americans can do the math. You cannot save enough on gasoline driving one of those things to make up the price premium.

You. Cannot.

The price of hybrid technology may come down, as early adopters take the arrows that all pioneers always take. But the rest of us just want reliable transportation at the lowest price we can get. Which may mean — absent government coercion — hybrids will always remain an expensive luxury. Especially if the battery technology remains intractible.

Forcing people to make uneconomic decisions because you believe that to be the most desirable outcome is stupid and oppressive.

Stupid and oppressive. Sounds like a definition of evil to me.

Not to mention that we aren’t going to run out of petroleum for at least another ten generations. That is: for the length of time from the start of the Industrial Revolution to now, extended out into the future, there is enough in known petroleum reserves to run our economy. And, if the abiogenic theories of hydrocarbon formation pan out, a whole lot longer than that.

Add to that the fact that the whole CO2 hysteria is a hoax, well… There’s no reason for it.

Finally, the projection of YOUR priorities onto me is also stupid and oppressive. My priorities for transportation are not yours. For example, I prize (in this order), comfort, wide field of vision, visibility, crash-survivability, winter traction, and cargo capacity over fuel economy. Trying to force me to put fuel efficiency at the top of the list means my reasons for choosing an SUV (my last car was a Toyota Corolla) don’t matter. Which makes you a would-be dictator. Sorry, Charlie, homey don’t play dat.

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