You Can Only Waive

YOUR RIGHTS — not mine. You don’t have either the authority or the right to do so. That’s a civil-rights crime, and gets you in deep doo-doo. Don’t try it.

This goes double for government officials. So, when the TSA asserts that, when you enter into a private contract of a certain type — to whit, buy an airline ticket — you automatically waive your Fourth Amendment right to be free in your person, papers, and effects from unreasonable search and seizure, remember they’re blowing smoke. They have neither the authority nor the right to make that assertion.

Nor does your complicity in acceding to the crime have any relevant to my reservation of rights, nor does it establish a precedent.

The government is striving mightily to ensure that the case is never tried on the merits, because they know that — in a just universe — they would not only lose, but be jailed for the attempt. Thus their attempts to bully or frighten the public into compliance with their naked power grab. (Pun most assuredly intended.)

Or, if they don’t know that, they are incompetent to do their jobs, and should be informed of the fact instanter.

On a slight tangent, where is it written that the state may determine the reasonability of limits on its behavior under a charter which places explicit and absolute limits on its behavior? Just askin’s all.

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