Yet Another Reason to Take

WHAT CRITTERS SAY (as opposed to betas — critters are other writers; betas are readers; vast difference) with a grain of salt.

Back in ought-four or so, I was shopping Geppetto’s Log, and there was a scene in which the Walkers met Drummond’s then-and-soon-to-be-ex girlfriend, Semiramis East. And I wrote that Witchlet (who is a lipstick lesbian and GUG (Gay Until Graduation, except that she’s a post-doc)) gets turned on and ogles Semi’s hot body. Subtly, of course.

Since there’s supposed to be sexual tension and love/hate/love attraction between Witchlet and Drummond, I figured, this is a good way to heighten all of that tension.

One of the critters came down with a “no woman would ever do/say/think that.” Which, even then, I knew not to give much credence. The bit stayed in.

I do, however, feel vindicated.

Hat tip: Insty.

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