Yet Another FIrehose

OF INFORMATION ABOUT e-pubbing and self-pubbing for you to try to drink at Writer Beware (an independent subsidiary service of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)). (With the caveat that these are largely folk embedded in the “tradpub” range of things.)

As I look at these sources myself, I add the ones I think may be of enduring value to my blogroll, at below left (on the BabyTrollBlog site, if you’re reading this at Musings). Check them out at your leisure. I’m contemplating expanding certain portions of my blogroll into a general links section of one of my sites, if I can work out an organizational principle. (CdT, if you see this and have suggestions, they’re most welcome.) I’m also thinking of making some of my research material available in connection with the Dolly Canon (or the more-general BabyTrollChronicles), as interesting extra reading for the Dolly Obsessed and Gabsmacked.

And, drifing even further aglay, I’m looking for a different name for the BabyTrollChronicles. I have already got the BabyTrollBeta mailing list, and (of course) BabyTrollBlog. I’d like to call the overall Dolly story arc the BabyTrollSomething-That-Starts-With-B-But-Means-Chronicles-or-Annals-or-Something-Like-That. If somebody less vocabularily-challenged than I has an idea, I’m all ears.

Poste in abbreviated form at Musings of an Indie Wwriter

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