Yes, Viriginia. Arlen Specter

IS AN IDIOT. He was sound-bitten Wednesday on Fox Radio News as saying words to the effect that Detroit auto makers are failing because they haven’t made fuel-efficient cars that people will buy.

When the market indicates, except for panic blips due to artificial bottlenecks in gasoline supply — largely engineered by statists in government and the watermelon green movement, that people will buy… (wait for it)… large, perceived-as-safe, relatively fuel-INefficient vehicles.

Just ask the automakers. They’ll tell you where their profit comes from:
light trucks. Pickups and SUVs.

Despite all the arm-twisting, the tax breaks, the government and industry subsidies, people aren’t really interested in riding down the expressway at 70MPH on a skateboard. Or, if they are, they’ll buy a Camry.

No. The problem is that union contracts and government mandates on “eco”
fuels, CAFE standards, and safety equipment have so burdened the industry that Detroit can no longer compete with Greensburg and Georgetown. As is amply illustrated in this cartoon from Michael Ramirez.

And remember: it’s Democrats have brought us here. Yes, idiotic RINO Republicans such as Specter have colluded in this. But it’s the relentless drive to socialism on the part of — scorn quotes — “progressive” Democrats that has provided the impetus.

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