Yes, I am Exactly Like a Monkey on Crack

WHEN IT COMES TO FREE books. Or a squirrel loading up for winter — cheeks fat with more nuts than I can ever possibly eat or even share with my family, the neighbors, and the whole damned block.

Since I’m really too broke to even be buying a Kindle, let alone books, I hit Project Gutenberg. You know: the place where they are trying to get every book ever anywhere online — and now in Kindle format.


Well. You should donate. (Note to self: send those guys money.)

You know how you get stuck in places like Wikipedia? You’ll look at something, and there’ll be links to something else that look interesting, and pretty soon you’ve been sitting there for five hours reading all this really neat shit? Tam calls it a Wiki-wander?

Well… I skipped lunch. About five-thirty this Saturday afternoon, Earnie started climbing up on the desk, asking for attention. Sort of hinting that I should take a break. It’s now 1:30 in the AM and I’m hanging it up because my ass is sore.

I. Filled. My. Kindle.

I shit you not. The message window said, “The target disk is full. Please insert another and press any key to continue.” Now, I managed to back off of that to where I have about a third of the space on the thing free. But still…

Take a pill. Feel the buzz. Press the lever. Get the pill. Take the pill. JUST like a monkey on crack.

So now I’m going to read myself to sleep to Princess of Mars. Or The River War. Or Omnilingual.

Vapor lock. Decisions! Decisions!

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