Yes, As a Matter of Fact

THAT SAAB does make your ass look big.

Talking on cell phone. Moved through intersection without clear right-of-way. Blocked intersection. Illegal maneuver #1.

Pulled out from behind me into the right-hand lane. Change of lane in intersection. Illegal maneuver #2.

Passed two vehicles on the right. In intersection. Illegal maneuver #3.

Pulled back into our lane, cutting off vehicle in front of me. Crossed solid line to do so. Lane change in intersection. Illegal maneuvers #4 & 5.

She didn’t get where she was going any faster than I did. I know, because she stopped with her fat ass in my lane. Slammed on brakes. No signal. I barely avoided rear-ending her fat ass. Illegal lane change, obstruction of traffic. Illegal maneuvers #6 & 7.

Turned left into parking lot across double yellow — in intersection. Illegal maneuvers #8 & 9.

Now, I haven’t had a moving violation in over 30 years, so I may be a bit behind the times on these things. But you used to get two points on your license for each moving violation (illegal maneuver). And it only took twelve points for you to lose your license permanently.

You can do the math for Fat Ass celltalker in the Saab.

This is what comes of government taking its finger off the dime and getting caught up in crap it’s got no business being involved in — the enforcement of basic law goes to hell.

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