Yeah, I’m Still Alive

JUST A LITTLE busy’s all. Spent the weekend putting a floor in the downstairs bathroom. Discovered that what we thought was the cats’ water dish spilling was actually a slow leak from the shower. Don’t ask.

Life’s tough and those fardlers you lot elected to Washington over the last couple of years are bound and determined to make it worse. So easily led and credulous you are. The captive state-run media whines and moans about the evil George Bush and you fall for it like the suckers Mencken said you are. So — just for the change — you vote in the media’s party of choice to become your new lords and masters. And, now they’re going to enslave not only you, but all your unborn descendants and there’s nothing you can do — that you’re willing to — to stop it.

Their latest round of programs — thrown up like so many bomb-craters in your life’s road, more and faster than you can comprehend, let alone act to prevent or obviate — will reduce this once great nation to a shadow of its former glory.

No, they’re not stupid. They know what they’re doing. The incentives reward them for enhancing their own entrenched power. So they do.

Don’t try to tell yourself that they surely can’t be that evil. Don’t delude yourself that they’ll never get away with it. They’ve been getting away with it for over a hundred years. The Constitution won’t stay their hands. They rely on your sheeplike acceptance, on your desire to play the game according to rules they scorn, spurn, and spit upon.

You can’t vote them out, because there’s no change on offer. The opposition candidate is cut of the same cloth and the media has persuaded you that the third party is composed of loons and nutters. Your choice is between violent revolution, and you shrink from that, or slavery, and that’s too much to be borne. Sorry, Charlie. Those are your options. Choose now. The clock is running.

You’d better act before such sentiments as these bring the dark knock on your door at 3AM. Because by the time it does, it’ll be too late, and the butcher’s bill will be ten times what it would be today.

Have a good one.

Cross-posted at Eternity Road.

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