Yeah, it’s The Cold Equations Again

A LOTTA BLAH-BLAH (a little Alex Lifeson lingo for ya there) in this post pointed to by Vanderleun. But fer da Doll, the key thing is how BADLY the Left fails on points like this. One of the first mental lapses of leftists, liberals, progressives, and other stupid, evil people that Alger taught me was the “I’ve already got my mind made up; don’t confuse me with facts.” (Actually, in that case, it was a lesson on using the semicolon to link two independent clauses, but wottevvah.) It’s why Alger says a leftist brain fart can be detected by three earmarks — it will be founded in ignorance, focused on irrelevance, and engaged in wishful thinking.

The post linked at the top is focused on Obamacare, which is evr’body’s bete noir of the moment. Tomorrow or next week, it’ll be something else. And all the while, our liberty is diminished thereby. The left, like the poor, will be with us always. The major difference being that the poor can’t tear down the world.

Through sheer pig-ignorance.

I suspect that might be an insult to pigs.

Good point.

Your typical leftist has the comprehension and wit of a brontosaurus — or whatever they’re calling them this week — with their brains so far apart that there’s a light speed lag and so small that they literally can’t walk and chew gum (trees) at the same time.

The laws of economics are as firm and immutable as the law of gravity, or the first law of thermodynamics, or Einstein’s E=MC2. But your leftist figures that, with the right number of votes and a lot of hope, they can change that.

Would that it were so. If it were, da Doll would wish for liberals to not be so stupid. But that appears to be another one of those cold equations. More’s the pity.

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