Y’ See, Right There

IS WHERE YOU GO off the rails.

Dr. Zero is being soundbitten Tuesday saying, “If I had let the automobile industry collapse…”

How arrogant. How ignorant. The industry was never in danger of collapse. What was in danger of collapse was one or two individual corporations. Which, contra Obama, would have probably been a good thing, consolidating the market as it would have. The surviving companies would have instantly increased their market share, and probably would be healthier today.

I really doubt that even the assets of the failing companies were in much danger of going to waste. The badges, plants, tooling, and intellectual property could have been snapped up by competitors at land office rates.

But, unless you knew that before I said so, Obama’s counting on your ignorance to continue your thinking well of him. Now you know better. I pray you amend your opinion of Obama accordingly.

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