WTF is Obama Smoking

AND WHY WON’T he share? Cuts deficit? If it does, it’s only because it’s a white elephant built on the backs of the American taxpayers. Tired of stealing everything they have to spend, the Feds decide to enslave the populace by telling us how to spend the rest.

And if you think you’ll have any left when this lot get through with you, think again.

And another thing: when will the news report the facts instead of just the he-said/she-said? Just once, it would be nice to hear the bubble-headed bleach-blonde say, “A bill that is, as a matter of fact, in direct violation of the enumerated powers provisions of the Constitution, and probably won’t past constitutional muster in the Supreme Court, once challenged. The trouble is that the law will be in effect for years before the case comes up for review. And there’s no assurance that the Court will grant certiorari. Back to you, Biff.”

Don’t hold your breath.

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