Wrong On One Point

RUSH LIMBAUGH INFAMOUSLY said at the time of the O’s immaculation that he hoped Obama failed — for the sake of the nation. Just Tuesday, Roger, the Real King of France, asserted that Obummer has failed.

I beg to disagree.

Not only has Obama’s Alinskyite, ACORN-ist, community-organizing destruction of the American economy succeeded, but it’s not over. Caught with its hand in the cookie jar, the Left is doubling down. They’re caught, but they’re not backing off. They’re gettingever meaner, ever more bold in their outrages, from eviscerating the Bill of Rights to attacking the underpinnings — the infrastructure, so to speak — of the economy not only of America, but of the world.

No. Not failed. Succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Put that in your pipe and toke on it.

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