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IF YOU’VE BEEN WRITING for long, seriously, or as a hobby, you’ve played with more than one application for getting the words out of your head. Text editors. Word processors. Page layout apps. Publishing apps.

And none of them were all that. For the most part, they were tools made for other purposes that you tried to make your projects fit into. Like an octagonal 9/16″ peg in a pentagonal 3/32″ hole. Or worse — peg had 64 threads to the inch and the hole was threaded the opposite hand and, like, four to the inch.

And, if you followed the scene, you’ve probably heard of a bunch of apps that were supposedly meant for writers. One I looked at was meant for screen writers. Square peg; round hole. I figured. “Hey! I could use to be more like a teleplay and less like a set of those nesting Russian dolls with multiple layers of exposition.”


And, if you really, really followed the scene, you’ve heard of this thing called Scrivener. And thought it would be the bees knees. And were absolutely crushed — I mean ripped out your heart and stomped that sucker flat — when you learned it was Mac-only.

Me, too. I know Macs. I’ve worked on them. I just never figured I could afford one for my home machine.

And, really, I’d be happy if all I had to write on was a DOS 3 box.

OK. I’m lying. I’d rather have the Mac. But — seriously? The price?

So I stayed outside the candy store and drooled on the outside of the window, staring at this nirvana machine I’d never have.

But… about a year ago, they announced they were going to develop it for Windows. Then, a few months back, they announced they’d be releasing it RSN.

Like… November 7.

And it’s available for a limited time free download in beta.(Expires November 7.) So you’ll have to buy the real thing when it comes out. But, then, it’s not that pricey, really.

And, yes, it is the bees knees.

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