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VERDICT REACTION AMONG American blacks, Heather MacDonald lays out a set of facts countering the reaction of elites to the outcome of the trial. A lot of people with suspect agendae have asserted that the verdict is either the result of or indicative of a generic racial bias in the justice system against blacks. This is being echoed by a lot of people who are less thoughtful or less well-informed: Rush’s low-information crowd. But, as MacDonald points out:

In fact, if a black parent wants to radically reduce his son’s chance of getting shot, he should live in a white neighborhood. New York’s crime profile is typical of urban-crime disparities across the country. The per capita shooting rate in predominantly black Brownsville, Brooklyn, is 81 times higher than that of predominantly white and Asian Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, according to the New York Police Department. Blacks in 2012 committed about 75 percent of all shootings in New York, and whites a little over 2 percent, though blacks are 23 percent of the city’s population and whites 35 percent. Blacks are 60 percent of the city’s homicide victims. Their killers? They aren’t white.

By the way, that pattern holds true in Cincinnati, where our police and race relations situation have recently undergone a well-publicized self-criticism protocol. If you control for “ghetto” location (not even black neighborhoods, but basically slums), our violent crime rate within the city is virtually nil. It’s a shame this has to be true, but the reason white victims get so much mindshare in the news is that they’re rare. Seems like several times a week, you hear about another body dropped in the ‘hood where drugs and alcohol were involved. I don’t think anybody likes it, but most feel powerless to do much about it.

A colleague at the patch factory related a situation she described as a take she hadn’t heard before — or thought of. A black friend of her son expressed reluctance to go to a movie with him. This kid, by her description, is not ghetto trash. He is, in point of fact, the kind of guy you’d WANT your lily-white daughter bringing home to dinner. He’s intelligent, well-schooled and -dressed, well-behaved, and not at all unaccustomed to being around and about in white company. Kind of like that hero kid who was briefly bruited about as the anti-Trayvon.

My colleague was told, in conversations with this kid’s mother, that the media has terrified black teenagers of going out in public where whites are around because they’re agraid of getting the Trayvon treatment.

Which, from a white, middle-class perspective, is just not likely. We see kids of his type as middle-class first and black (if at all) second. Certainly no threat. (But then, the media HAS worked mightily to gloss over the fact that Travyon DID present a threat to Zimmerman, whether you want to argue that threat was real in an objective sense or not.) To us, by and large, it’s never been about race, but has always been ALL about class.

My immediate reaction was, “Just wear khakis.” Khakis and polo shirts — maybe with moccasins or loafers instead of Air Jordans. In l’esprit d’escalier, I’d add, “Stand up straight, walk in strides instead of a shuffling shamble, keep your head up, make eye contact, smile, speak with at least SOME volume and clarity. Nobody will mistake you for a thug.” And avoid hoodies, falling-down jeans and ass-hanging-out red plaid boxers. It’s amazing how people will treat you with respect when you’re not wearing the uniform of a drug-addled horde out to burn the town down and rape the daughters.

The daughters might even give it up with consent. You never know.

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