Writing on Sarah Palin

AT HUMAN EVENTS Tony Lee gets something right that Right pundits so very rarely do.

In explaining the Limbaugh Rule, that one should always vote for the most conservative candidate available (contra Bill Buckley’s rule that one should always vote for the most ELECTABLE conservative), Lee concludes — correctly — that the establishment see conservatives or libertarians ipso facto unelectable, so you will always be told by that sort that Herman Cain or Sarah Palin or Michele Bachman can’t possibly win. And the grassroots in the Right often accept those statements as fact.

More the chumps they.

And it is because of this witless calculus that Republicans keep losing when the facts should be on their side.

The facts of the matter are that liberty — according to the Founding — is the majority position. If you want to talk “mainstream,” that’s where it’s at. When liberty is the position taken by a politician — or is perceived to be — that politician wins in a landslide against all comers. And when no liberty candidate is in the field, the most left-leaning candidate wins. Either way the establishment, country-club, blueblood Republicans lose.

Which is probably as it should be, except that also means the Democrats win, and continue on their course of destruction for the United States.

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