ANDREW BREITBART was born in 1969. Stop and think about that. Just for the sake of comparison, the picture of me at upper left was taken in 1970. I was 16. That makes me approximately 15 years older than Breitbart.

The popular (in the ’60s) musical humorist, Harvard mathemetician Tom Lehrer used to say in his introduction to the song “Alma” that he was rather depressed to realize that, “…by the time Mozart was my age, he’d been dead five years.” To say the least, the comparison could get a little invidious at times.

Another popular phrase at the time was (after a movie title), “What did you do in the war, Daddy?”

Breitbart was a happy warrior for what’s good and right in the world and a tilter at the windmills of evil. (Don Quixote: there’s a left-romantic metaphor for you — hopeless, insane, ineffectual, wrong on the facts, and thereby enobled. Everything Breitbart was not — except that last.) What he did in the war — Daddy — was to change the paradigm. In the words of Mythbuster Adam Savage, “I reject your reality and substitute for it my own.” And, yeah, he was enobled in his efforts to save the world from its own stupidity.

What did you do in the culture war, Daddy?

By the time Andrew Breitbart was my age, he’d been dead 15 years.

Wow! Did you know? Andrew Breitbart was born in 1969? Stop and think about that.

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