Worse than Robespierre

SO THE “INFEST YOUR FACE” crowd are still out there demonstrating…

Considering they’re calling for the violent overthrow of the Federal government, when do you start saying they’re revolting?

Oh, pretty much from the start.

Oo! Hoo-hoo-hoo!

Makes you wonder if there’s any common root between ferrous and feral.


Because of the irony, y’see.

Ha! And — oh, yeah — HA! Swennyways: what are they demonstrating? (And don’t say, “What’ve ya got?”)

Mixed yer metaphors, there, Dolly. As for the “what” of it, I’d have to say they’re demonstrating with crystalline pellucidity why nobody should ever pay any attention to any of them ever again.

Ah! I see. Good point.

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