Work the American Legacy Partisan Press Won’t Do

HERE IN OHIO, DUE TO an unfortunate circumstance of political geodemographics, the state is represented in the U.S. Senate by a despicable crumb of humanity known as Sherrod Brown. If you’re not familiar with his record, some of this might not make sense to you. But he is a rabid leftist — not liberal, not at all. He pushes every odious socio-political nostrum of the Left from socialized medicine (he’s one of those 61st votes for Obamacare), to forced unionization of private-sector workers, to economy-wrecking — scorn quotes — “environmental” regulations. He claims to be a patriotic American, but has been sound-bitten (even in his own ads) as mouthing internationalist shibboleths of the classic anti-American pomo. And, although he claims to have a near-perfect attendance record in the Senate, there isn’t much he can point to that persuades me he’s anything other than a makeweight for the Demo/Socialist statists in the national establishment.

Here lately, he’s been engaged in a pretty tough battle with rising Tea Party star, Josh Mandel. Mandel’s bio is readily available and not really my point. But the threat, both to Brown, and to the national establishment is pretty clear. As has been opined many times, this could be about control of the Senate. So there has been thrown against Mandel the full array of Democrat tricks. Including, it appears, a Godwin’s Law attack.

The ads which appear in the media are pretty damned low. And it should be clear to those who pay attention that Brown is not able to run on his record — which consists mainly of supporting Obamacare and EPA regs which are eviscerating Ohio’s energy sector (mostly coal, but also a burgeoning natural gas business — Brown opposes fracking) — so he’s trying to smear Mandel. It doesn’t appear to be sticking, but it is tightening a race that ought to be a walkover.

So, it’s very helpful to have journalists — for all they don’t work for the legacy partisan press — who will provide a clear, concise precis of the situation.

Thank you, ma’am.

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