Woo-hoo And All Due

WUFFIES TO Phil and Kaja Foglio for their wonderful comic, Girl Genius and the winning of the 2009 Hugo for Best Graphic Story.

If I read the Wikipedia article aright, the Foglios are plank owners on that award, this being the first year it’s been made. Congratulations.

Also applause for their savvy marketing. The strip is available free online, cheap in .pdf format, and de luxe between covers. I’ve bought the .pdfs and promised myself the books as a treat when I can. (All Christmas hints intended.)

Meanwhile, across town, welcome and all hail the recruitment of web comic wunderkind Chris Muir of Day by Day fame to the gangmob — of … however many there are of us … posting under Our Curmudgeon’s umbrella at Eternity Road.

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