With Only a Handful

OF DAYS LEFT before the election, I want to lay out my reasons to hope. In a conversation with James Rummel Sunday at the blogmoot, I expressed the following belief:

Because of the skewed (and, I believe, ineffectual) media coverage — so ill-concealed this year, more than ever; because of the understanding of large segments of the public that the Democrats, their myrmidons, and fellow travelers are laboring furiously to steal the election; because of the self-deceptive nature of media-driven opinion polls giving a false lead of anything up to ten point to Obama — because of all that, I believe that not only will McCain win, but that the win will be an electoral landslide.

Mr. Rummel made an offer — if that happens, he said, he’d buy me a beer at our next blogmoot encounter. I’m not a betting man, so it didn’t occur to me to make it a bet, but I now think I should do the sporting thing and offer to reciprocate. James, if you’re out there, if McCain doesn’t win Tuesday, or it’s a squeaker, I’ll buy you a beer next we meet in Indy.

I see the frenzy of activity, lies, and accusations by the media and the Obama campaign (but I repeat myself) as signs of desperation. The media may try to deceive the public, but I suspect that more-accurate (or realistic) polling data are available to the campaign insiders, and they know their real condition, and it’s not pretty.

I suspect that the author of the memo quoted at the Corner understates matters, and that the picture for McCain/Palin is even better than he paints it.

The weather here in Ohio — and probably over much of the East — is turning nasty, and may even be rainy on Tuesday. Inclement weather favors Republicans, as it tends to suppress Democrat turnout — leftists being fair-weather friends of the first water.

Recent testimony from Obama himself and others about him, just coming into public light despite the machinations of the legacy partisan press present the agent of change as someone who is — or ought to be — anathema to any liberty-loving American. We recoil in horror — rightly so — at the Islamonutters who scream “To hell with your freedom!” No less should we recoil in horror from the city-slicker devil in an Armani suit who despises everything about the American beau ideal. This can only redound to his detriment at the polls.

This is not the time to slack up, but there is good reason to take heart.
Do not give up the fight. We can win yet.

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