Wishful Thinking Rears

ITS HEAD IN A quote Billy Beck posts at Two-Four.

“Politics in a democracy consists of two armies showing up on the same battlefield, counting each other, and then the smaller army surrendering and going home for two years without actually bothering to fight the battle first.”

If only. That might be the way it’s supposed to go, but we know that Democrats (at least) refuse to play according to Hoyle. They’ll foot-drag and undermine their way to a compromise victory no matter how badly shellacked they are at the polls. They’ll lie and say the American People want things the Democrats’ way. They’ll do their best to keep fighting an eternal campaign until the next election.

No, if the losers always surrendered control of the nation, we’d be nowhere in the dire straits we find ourselves in.

Or things might be worse. Is it really a good thing for one party to have unchecked power, whether or not the party in power at the moment feigns agreement with your particular preferences?

There is that, Dolly. There is that.

This is not to say that Billy is wrong. In fact, there are few people of whom it could be said more aptly that, if you were too lazy to think for yourself, you could do far worse than to — as much as he himself would probably hate this — just do whatever Billy does in like circumstances. Not that you shouldn’t think for yourself. Just the opposite. I’m just sayin’s all.

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