Willie Sutton

WAS A PIKER. The original “Slick Willie,” Sutton was a “prolific” bank robber during Prohibition and the Depression. He is famous for the foundational notion of Sutton’s Law, taught to medical students as the contention that, in attempting to diagnose a problem, one should first do the experiment that can confirm the most likely diagnosis.

In less-intellectual pursuits, this is known as “going after the low-hanging fruit.”

Reading the linked articles, you will find that Sutton himself denied ever saying that “Because that’s where the money is.” Which does nothing to debunk the fundamental truth that one should “rob banks” … “because that’s where the money is.”

Except it isn’t. Not really.

Banks have cash, yes. And those sums of currency and specie that might reside in the cash drawers of your average bank branch, while not inconsiderable, are… chump change compared to real money.

Like J.P. Morgan said, a man with a million dollars can live almost as well as somebody who has real money.

Yes, Dolly. While tangential, somehow… apposite.

Or maybe appositive.

Ha! And allow me to reinforce that: Ha! Ha!

More to the point, as Don Henley wrote, a man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun — a fact of which I believe Sutton was well aware.

Which brings us to Obama and the rest of his looter-socialist ilk.

Of course he’s gonna tax the rich! Are ya mental? That’s where the money is! And you object to that?

The point of order isn’t that he’s robbing the rich, the point of order is that he’s robbing American citizens! Wrap your wooden little heads around THAT notion, will you?

Now, wait a minute! Since you bring up the citizenship aspect, (she said, playing the good little shill), isn’t it a patriotic duty to contribute to the support of the government?

Well, Ms Shill, let us assume for the moment that you are a leftist of modest means — i.e., someone more likely than not to be suckling at the government teat in some fashion or other.

(::wairly::) Oh. Kaaay…

So… how much patriotic duty are YOU throwing into the pot?


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