Will the Company

WHOSE PHONE NUMBER IS (317)559-0033 and keeps pinging my cell, kindly STOP?

I WILL NOT take your call. I WILL NOT call you back (so you can confirm that my number is valid and active). I WILL NOT do business with you in any way — you bottom-feeding slimebot.

I WILL — since my cell number is listed in the national DO NOT CALL registry — file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I have done so every time you have run my number.

If you are a company with whom I do business and I ever identify you as such, trust me: I will cease doing business with you as soon as it is convenient for me. I have no patience with trimmers and pettifoggers. You have been notified that I do not wish to receive soliciting calls. If you choose to ignore that because of a claimed “business relationship”
exception, be advised said relationship will end as soon as — as I say — is convenient for me.

That is all.

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