FISK THE PRESIDENT where he can hear it?

The goverment forcing citizens to pay something is a tax. Period. End of discussion. And the fact that he feels he has the room to argue the point indicates to me that he knows he’s lying and is trying to get people off the fact that he IS lying.

Or, as the Left said about Dubya, why can’t the President admit that what he’s supporting is a tax increase?

Also, so he admits that one citizen shouldn’t be forced by the government to bear another’s burdens. Good on him. He’s exactly right. So this implies that we can start dismantling the entire progressive edifice since FDR.


You heard me. Dismantle the welfare state. The Doctor Zero admitted on Snuffaluppagus’ show that what it does — forces one citizen to bear the burdens of another — is wrong. We can’t do that. Fair enough. Hand the man a sledge hammer.

And, if all he wants in “health care” financing is for each citizen to demonstrate that he is financially responsible for his own medical care, well then make it so. Eliminate all free (or government-paid) health care programs. Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, and the rest.

Hold on just one freaklin’ minnit! I dunno boutchoo, but I get taxed out the ass for Medicare. Says so right on my pay stub.

Oh. Right you are, Dolly. So the government should give that money back — money it’s been taking unlawfully and under false pretenses all these years.

OK. That’s better.

THEN eliminate the program — because in the end, it amounts to one group of citizens bearing the burdens of another.

Don’t think so? Check it out. Find out how much you pay in versus how much you can get out. Same number? I didn’t think so.

Also: eliminate all public funding to Planned Parenthood or any other provider of para-medical services. Cut off Federal funding for public hospitals.

Whoa, Nellie! That’s over the top, Alger!

But it is implicit in the President’s words. Unless he’s lying…

Well, hell! You know he is!


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