Who Is Anonymous

THE HEADLINE ASKS. The article goes on to rationalize cyber attacks on private organizations, Amazon and PayPal, which have decided to sever ties to Wikileaks.

Attacks on private businesses. In effect, terrorism.

This is comparable to an occupant of a fully-loaded lifeboat drilling holes in the bottom. At some point, the motive becomes irrelevant. The very act itself is so beyond the pale as to place the actor beyond the law. By chosing these methods, he (“Anonymous” — a “collective” of cowards who hide their faces), has forfeited any claim on the protection of the law. This anonymity is the modern-day equivalent to hiding one’s face behind a bandana while robbing a bank.

Col. Cooper asserted the viewpoint that a masked man is a target. I think the same applies here. Let every man’s hand be raised against them.

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