While I Applaud

THE ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit evinced by Cmp.ly, I must vigorously protest that their approach is all wrong. One must not bring oneself into compliance with FTC blogger regulations. The FTC has no constitutional basis to exist, and certainly no mandate for the regulation of private expression or public journalism — in short, freedom of speech or the press. Its eructations, therefor, contradict the clear text of the Constitution and, as such, are null and void. (Per Chief Justice John Marshall in the landmark Marbury v. Madison.)

Instead, one should, if braced by these would-be tyrants, charge them under 18USC242, as, under color of law, conspiring to deny the free exercise of constitutionally-protected rights.

Give no ground.

Easy for you to say. You don’t get any stuff — free or otherwise — for blogging.

True enough. But it’s the approach I’d take if I did. There is no other acceptable response to tyrants. I can hope, if I urge resistance often enough, someone will take hold and engage these enemies of the people.

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