While I Accept The Problems

FACING THE NATION, BROUGHT ON as they have been by the disastrous policies of so-called — scorn quotes — “progressives” are severe, I cannot accept the formulation that “we must share sacrifice.”

Yeah, it’ll probably happen that way, but that doesn’t make me happy. I’ve already sacrificed. I’ve been sucked dry all my adult, working life, (and, actually, my working adolescent life, too), to where I have had to make choices between — not between paying the heat bill or buying groceries, but — between buying medicines I need to live and paying my taxes.

Fuck sacrifice. I want somebody to pay.

I want them to dig up the corpses of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey and all the other spendthrift progressives who’ve brought us to this sad estate and send them on a bitch-slapping tour of the 57 states. Pay a buck and bitch-slap a progressive wanker.* We’ll get the deficit covered, pay down the debt, and assemble a payback fund for all the ripped-off Boomers who never got a vote in how their incomes were stolen and misspent.

THEN we can talk about going forward, about how we will NEVER again let our government put us in this position, how people will be both permitted and required to rely on their own industry, prudence, and thrift, how only private enterprise will be allowed to provide goods and services in a free market, how “non-profit” becomes a dirty word — acknowledging the fact that an undertaking which does not increase its endowment or legacy is a wastrel and deserves, not our consideration, but the backs of our hands, how the idea of a collective ought to be anathema to a free people, how all achievement and true progress descends from the efforts of individuals, and the conventional wisdom is always — ALWAYS — wrong.

Yes, I’m talking to you, Chris Christie.

* Nominations accepted in comments. Must be dead and a nationally-known politician in his/her time. Party affiliation irrelevant.

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