When Will Just ONE

OF THESE OUTRAGED state governments grow a pair or two and tell the Feds to go piss up a rope?

It’s a fact, whether the power mad morons in DC admit it or not, that the Fedgov does NOT have the lawful, constitutional authority to even fund the EPA, let alone let it run roughshod over the country. And now the Regime has fed the Agency raw meat and turned it loose. Since the Federal Congress won’t rein it in, it’s up to the states.

Rick Perry should tell the offended businesses to keep operating, and meet the Feds at the airport with National Guardsmen sufficient to make this next part stick: put the mofos back on the next plane to DC. Don’t even let them out of the arrival lounge.

And send the fucking TSA with them.

Now, I know somebody will pop up here and say, “That’s just plain crazy. It’s lawlessness. A governor can’t just go off the reservation on his own.”

To which I answer: “STFU, you moron. The Federal Government is already and years ago ‘off the reservation.’ It’s operating so far in outlaw territory that it can’t even see inside the pale from the top of the Washington Monument. Any such action by a state governor would only be in aid of trying to get the thing back on the road to legitimacy.”

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