When the Expert Doesn’t Get It

JOHN FUND, AUTHOR of Stealing Elections, on the Sean Hannity show Thursday, discussing the notion that opinion polls are heavily weighted in favor of Democrats, and attributing motives, said something to the effect of, “The reason election reform is so partisan is that nobody wants to give an inch in a country that’s so even divided.”

And it occurred to me that, if the expert on the subject is so easily gulled, what hope have we for the ordinary voter?

No. The country isn’t evenly weighted. The reason that Democrats feel they must lie, cheat, and steal to win elections is that their support, if truly known, is incredibly weak. Were the truth of their shallow voter base revealed, they would never win another election for so much as a dog catcher, and would cease to be a relevant force in American politics.

More’s the pity, because that would leave the GOP unchecked for as long as it took another party to gen up sufficient support to become effective — perhaps a generation.


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