What Is It With Democrats and Division

STRICKLAND IS TRYING TO hammer Kasich for working on Wall Street. “I don’t work for Wall Street,” Terrible Ted says, “I work for you.” Forgetting just who “Wall Street” is.

Plus: even though Wall Street is us — the sum total of our investments in savings and retirement plans and insurance and just… plain… business. Our jobs, our wealth creation, our future.

Our taxes.

Leaving all that aside, what is so alien about Wall Street investment bankers? Are they from Mars? Alpha Centauri? Are they not human? Americans? If we prick them, do they not bleed?

So… what is it about Democrats that they feel this … this… need to divide Americans one from another? They do it with everybody. They parse everyone they encounter according to their own bigotry and prejudices. You’re black. You speak proper English and dress in khakis and golf shirts, listen to Celine Dion and drive a BMW. By the Democrats, you’re not “authentic.” And they never have to answer the question: “Who the fuck says?”

They tag you with stereotypes. “Asians.” There’s a delightful piece of bigotry; they all look alike to Democrats, and it’s too much effort to try to discern the differences among Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Afghans, Hindus and Sikhs, so they just lump the whole multi-billion-person lot into an undifferentiated lump called — scorn quotes — “Asian.”

And you’re all supposed to be really studious and obey your elders and have this family thing and run in inscrutable gangs with esoteric tattooos. But if your name is Marty and you’re a surfer dude from Venice Beach with a law degree from Boalt and a JD from Stanford, and you’ve never been farther East than Denver or farther West than Catalina Island, and couldn’t speak Mandarin/Cantonese/Hmong/Malay/Tagalog if your life depended on it, then you’re “not authentic.” As if that matters.

Aren’t you an American? Isn’t that the genius of America? It doesn’t matter where your parents come from, here you’re a citizen of the greatest show on Earth — in the world. What’s with all the subdivisions?

Another Democrat trying to get elected here in Ohio is Steve Driehaus. He faults his opponent for all manner of things, including voting against a “tax cut” for 95% of Ohioans?

Why not 100%, Steve? What kind of social disease does that 5% remainder have that you really, really, really want to plunder their bank accounts and then break into their houses, smash their kids’ piggy banks, and take that, too? Aren’t they Americans? Of course they are. You just said so. They’re 5% of Ohioans, but they’re not worthy of tax relief.

Why do you hate 5% of Ohioans, Steve? Is it some fault of theirs? Or is it something in your so-very-small soul that demands you hate them?

Or is it an un-American lust for power that drives you to divide Americans this way?

People: this isn’t unusual. It shouldn’t be remarkable. All Democrats think this way. Constituents are pressure groups to be divided from each other and pitted against each other to enable the greedy, power-mad politicians to take and hold illegitimate power.

Sad to say, a lot of Republicans think this way, too, but at least the party’s stated principles don’t require it — the politicians themselves are corrupt and need to be gotten rid of, but the faction’s platform stands against the corruption, even if the politicians don’t.

But Democrats? Look. It really doesn’t matter how many goodies he promises you he’ll steal from your neighbor and give to you (minus the government’s 87% cut). In the end, a Democrat will vote with the party when the chips are down. Take Driehaus for example. He swore he would never vote for any health care bill that provided government funds for abortions. His constituents held his feet to the fire and forced him to make that pledge. But he voted for the Obamacare bill. How did he weasel out of it? Why, by weaselling out of it, of course. The President issued a directive that Federal funds not be used for abortions. Which has the force of law so long as Obama is in office and in the mood to leave it in effect.

But, despite the fact that his constituents polled 70-90% against it, he voted for the bill. Because, at the end of the day, he’s a Democrat.

Remember the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog. Even though it means he himself will drown, the scorpion will always sting the frog. It’s in his nature to do so. So it is with Democrats.

They want to divide us. Unite and vote them out of office.

Remember: friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

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