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IF YOU WORK AS CLERGY in the “private sector,” you earn, on average, $39,000.00 per year. But if you work as a cleric (NOTE: a religious minister to a church congregation) you earn $70-some-thousand per year.

While the comparison itself is odious — what extra value does being a government worker provide that’s worth the extra emollient? — my question is: how is this comparison even possible!? Do we not — as the statists never tire of reminding us — have “separation of church and state”? What is the state doing employing churchmen?

Um… military chaplins?

Dunno. Mebbe so. Can somebody speak to the pay grades in the chaplain corps?

Reminds me of a chorus from Firesign Theater — Government preachers/government cheese. Government preachers/government cheese.

She said, going off on a tendentious tangent.

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