What Gives You

THE RIGHT to waive my rights?

Sure, you can walk up to the slave master, take the manacles from his hands, and put them on yourself all day long, if you want to.

But where do you get off putting those same chains on me?


Where does that come from?

The idiots who voted in and keep voting in Democrats, Socialists, and other collectivists. The fools who aren’t storming the offices of their representative — literally or figuratively — demanding an end to the fiscal insanity that is our Federal government. The wannabe slaves who say to themselves in the privacy of their darkened rooms, “Well, at least I’ll get a little of my own back.”

But they do not have the right.

Ever hear of elections?

Ah, yes. Democracy. Two wolves and a sheep deciding on what to have for lunch. Ever heard of the Constitution? Says you ain’t allow to do that?

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