We In the Right

NEED TO BE PREPARED for the counters. So far in the TEA Party movement, we’ve caught them wrong-footed. But as the movement gathers momentum, and looks to offer a serious threat to the Left’s government rice bowl, groups such as ACORN have taken notice and promise to — in the words of one of my old poker opponents — throw a little shit in the game.

I don’t know whether the organizers of the TEA Parties have ignored this possibility or merely chosen not to focus on it, but legitimate attendees need to be briefed. Rules of Engagement need to be formulated.

(Update): From reports on the radio during the day, it appears that organizers are generally aware of the problem. Unfortunately, I fear they dismiss it too easily. I hope that doesn’t bring ill results.

You can never assume that you’re going to be able to walk into a scene, take an action, and have it go unopposed by the other actors. The Good Guy can walk up with his gun drawn, say, “The jig is up, Johnny! Drop your weapon!” and you just KNOW that Johnny is going to try something sneaky and underhanded to rescue his nefarious plot from pending utter disaster.
Sometimes, just the show of “force” does the trick and the situation is resolved with no injuries, and sometimes the Good Guy has to shoot Johnny dead, dead, dead. (Metaphorically speaking, here: not urging lethal violence.)

About the headline: I think that we of the Right should start referring to ourselves as “We In The Right,” emphasizing the fact that — for the most part — our policy stances are firmly founded on time-tested philosophical underpinnings, and engage the citizen interface of the Constitution, treating it as the rules of the game, rather than an obstacle on the field of play AND… at the same time, reinforcing the irrefutable argument that the Left has been dead wrong — 180 degrees out of phase with law, God, nature, and reality — on EVERY SINGLE QUESTION of public policy since there has been a Left.

I’m sure it will be every bit as excellent a needle as calling the Party on the Left the Democrat Party, reinforcing the idea that, while it may be composed of self-named Democrats, it is in no way democtratic in either its internal operations or its public policy prescriptions.

So put that phrase — “In the Right” — in your argumentarial toolbox. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

(Hat tip: Instapundit.)

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