We Got Democrat Voter

FRAUD HERE IN Ohio. You know: corrupt attorney general, ACORN, crooked county boards of elections, motor voter and its heirs and assigns, limp-wristed Republican officials and partycrats.

The usual.

It’s somewhat hilarious to hear the manonthestreets with the bussed-in shills. It’s obvious they don’t — can’t — take the franchise seriously.

Even so, you have to wonder. If someone has to do so much cheating, lying, and general mopery in order to win an election, you can’t help — well, I can’t, anyway — thinking: how in the world can you trust anything they say?

Barack Obama has lied so many times, and so thoroughly…

And so convincingly and consistently — you’d almost think he was a sociopath.

Yes, well…

…and so thoroughly that he has to have made a promise at one time or another to nearly anybody — many of which are mutually exclusive.

If you think you’re going to get anything for your vote, how can you trust a fraud to honor his promise to pay?

Just sayin’s all.

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