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NEW CATCH PHRASE: “I twerked my back.”

Da Prez apologizes. He says he’s sorry that he fucked up all those people’s lives.

Alger has a thing he says: “Don’t apologize. Don’t do it in the first place.”

He thinks people apologize to try and get away with what they were doin’ when they got caught. And why the Hell should that work? Yanno?

And, gettin’ back to da Prez… He says that he oughta be workin’ real hard to make sure that more people don’t get hurt by all the shennanigans he and Congress got up to when they pulled this whole socialized medicine stunt. They meant to help people, doncha know.

‘Course, the best thing they coulda done to help people was to stop fucking with medicine, but they won’t do that, see, ’cause there’s no profit fer them in that.

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