Was Reading One of Those

TOKEN, PLANTATION Republicans that the legacy media keep in cages and feed between the bars on Obama’s speech Wednesday night. Have to say, I’m amused as all get-out that they’ve noticed him looking a bit shop-worn.


Forgive me if my fantasies
Might seem a little shop worn
I’m sure you’ve heard them all before
I wonder what’s the right form

— Stephen Stills, “Dark Star”

For me, there’s been no change. Oh, sure, the tone has sharpened a bit. Understandable. As usual, the progressive’s brainfart pipedreams don’t travel too well. They tend to get bruised and the boquet goes all sour. But I’m not seeing any change between the pol on the campaign and the sitting President. They both peddle the same nostrums. They both lie — (cf: Teddy Kennedy thundering in the well of the Senate: “Lie after lie after lie after lie after lie!” More projection and transferrance from the Left?). They both push solutions that are already failed before they can even be implemented — solutions to problems they are incapable of apprehending.


You’d have to have come down with a rolicking good case of willful blindness not to have seen all this from the beginning. The merest glance at Obama’s razor-thin resume would have told those not bullshitting themselves that the man isn’t qualified to be a meter maid. He is, in the Texas parlance, all hat and no cattle. He’s a typical progressive in that he’s managed to bullshit his way through life on glib patter, good looks, and a pleasing personality. No substance, all style.

Which may have been why those of us opposing him during the election might have sounded so shrill. We were incredulous that anyone other than another progressive could have possibly been deceived by him.

So, now the mask has slipped, and some folks are beginning (pray it’s not too late) to take a colder look at just exactly what it is he’s proposing. Dare we hope that the media — shallow as they are — might turn on him for the cardinal sin of losing his cool under fire?

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