Was Jeff Greenfield Born Stupid

OR DID HE TAKE an AP course in it? Or does he think you were?

In this article at Politico, he blathers…

Before there was a federal government, the Confederation Congress passed in 1787 the Northwest Ordinance — from which came the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Apart from forbidding slavery in those states, the act also provided that revenue generated from the sale of a portion of each township in the state would go to fund public education. It was, in other words, the first instance of federal aid for education.

Jeff, you ignorant slut. Any schoolchild actually in the Northwest Territory between, oh, say, 1803 (when Ohio was admitted to the Union as the 17th State) to … oh, now … could tell you just how stupid that assertion is.

Oh, sure. The land was nominally owned by the Federal Government — and, of course, there were no settlers in the land grants beforehand — and therefor one could say that the school sections in each township were a donation by the Federal government to education.

If you were a total tool.

The purpose of that ordinance and that provision of it was to ensure local control of universal schools. And, from the admission of Wisconsin to 1979, when Jimmy Carter ::spit:: signed the Federal Department of Education into existence, the Federal Government had virtually nothing to do with education. (Practically the lone exception would be the forced desegregation of public schools — and we know how well that’s turned out. Don’t think so? Take a walk through any public school campus and observe the wholly voluntary associations of the children.
Really effective, wunnit?)

To this date, the Department of Education has educated: Not. One.

Since approximately mid-20th-Century, there has been relentless pressure to increasingly direct funds from central governments — at state and Federal levels — onto the schools, along with mandates (of course) as to how the money was to be spent.

Since approximately the same time, people have been more-or-less forcefully pointing out that a main purpose of the organization of public education in the Northwest Ordinance was to ensure that local schools would be independent of government meddling. (Take a ride through the area and note how many school districts still call themselves Your Town INDEPENDENT School District. Ever wonder why that is? BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS, YOU IDIOT!)

Since approximately the same time, the costs of public schools in inflation-adjusted dollars have spiralled ever higher. The performance of the schools’ graduates has deteriorated. The condition of the physical plant has been degraded. The fatuous misdirection of funds has fed un-american unions and their relentless left-leaning meddling in politics. The condition of public schools has come to parallel that of liberal-run cities, such as New Orleans and Detroit, with hollowed out city cores, a mere shadow of their former selves, with populations fleeing as far from those cores as they can get as fast as they can get, city services deteriorating, even as ever-more-corrupt politicians hare off after vote-buying schemes, while neglecting core responsibilities such as police, fire, trash collection, road maintenance…

THIS is what Federal meddling has gotten us.

And Greenfield thinks it’s wrong to protest? He thinks, perhaps, we should want more of it?


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